Every so often you stumble across the book that whips you right out of reality and pulls you in. I’m talking about the kind of book that leaves you at the very end of the subway line with no memory of how you got there, because you totally missed you

Andrew's Brain-E. L. Doctorow. What an interesting mind trip...It's difficult to give a review share my thoughts without revealing too much of the story. Andrew is speaking to an "unknown interlocutor", presumably a psychiatrist, but by the time you're done, you'll wonder if he was actually talking to anybody else, at all...A quick read, but the ending may feel unsatisfying. Let it marinate. I found it helpful to look up commentary. I even found an interview with the author...(Book 7, 2014)

Gaining | emma's recovery "When I talked to my psychologist about feeling bad that I still haven’t gained any weight, she put it in a different perspective. Gaining weight isn’t an action – I can’t just choose to wake up in the morning and decide “‘I’m going to gain weight today”. What I can do is decide to eat the foods ED tells me are bad, and keep challenging his rules. I have been, but I need to do it more. Which is scary, but that’s why I need to do it."

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