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The fossilized Irish giant from 1895 is over 12 feet tall. The giant was discovered during a mining operation in Antrim, Ireland. This picture is courtesy "the British Strand magazine of December 1895" Height, 12 foot 2 inches; girth of chest, 6 foot 6 inches; length of arms 4 foot 6 inches. There are six toes on the right foot

The Varginha incident, Brazil – The truth In 1996 in a Varginha it is reported that a number of living aliens where captured following a UFO crash. Local residents claim the aliens roamed the streets of the town in the early hours of the 20th January, a number of which got rounded up and escorted away swiftly by the armed forces, aided by local firemen. Rumours suggest not all the aliens got captured, and some escaped to the near by jungle.

Lady of the Iguanas?

Story in Ras el Khaimah, United Arab Emerites.The story is that a man went in the caves in Ras el Khaimah to take pictures with a friend. The person who had been with him called the police saying he had seen his friend’s flash go off and then his friend screamed. The police found the man in the caves dead and the only picture found in his camera is this one.

A Los Angeles man named Hector Siliezar snapped a strange photo while on vacation at the site of the ancient Mayan city Chichen Itza in 2009. Saliezar captured the pyramid El Castillo just as a bolt of lightning struck, and the resulting image appears to show a strong beam of light emanating directly from the top of the pyramid.


The ice maiden's tattoo: the oldest preserved specimen of tattooed human skin. 5th c. BCE

preserved tattoo specimen

This is Cherchen Man. He stood about six feet tall, had light hair and fair skin, and he lived about 3,000 years ago in what is today the Xinjiang region of western China. He sports facial tattoos. And the world’s oldest surviving pair of pants. He’s among a group of mummies found in the Tarim Basin dating from between about 1900 BCE and 200 CE.

"The famous Weerdinge men after their discovery in 1904: In a time long before modern forensic science, the local constabulary decided to transfer the soggy cadavers to the nearest morgue in a very peculiar fashion. They rolled up the bodies of the two men like human scrolls, wrung them out, and stuffed them into a box."

Torture device

A popular dime museum attraction from 1891 to 1895 was Bella (or Belle) Carter from Blue Bank, Kentucky, called "The Mare Woman". Born normal, Bella was five years old when a mole in the center of her back began to sprout hair. Carefully cultivated, this hair grew to more than a foot in length and was as silky and shiny as the hair on Bella's head.

"Dance of Death," ceiling plaster created by Johann Georg Leinberger, 1729 - 1731, City Hospital, former St. Michael Benedictine Monastery, Bamberg, Germany

Known as the Detmold child, this 8-to-10-month-old baby died in Peru around 4480 BC – more than 3000 years before the birth of Tutankhamun. According to a recent scan (PDF) using X-ray computed tomography, the child was born with a malformed heart.

Herculaneum AD 79. A large number of people were sheltering in this seaside boathouse. The ancient Roman town was destroyed by the same Mt. Vesuvius eruption that took out Pompeii. It's thought a blast wave 500 degrees Celsius took these people out in an instant, before they could even register pain.

This is a wax model of Madame Dimanche, who had a 9.8 inch cutaneous horn on her head. It took six years to grow to that length. It was removed successfully by a famed French surgeon.

a Texas Boy.. 8 1/2 feet tall 460 lbs. James Grover Tarver

Curiosa, a popular sideshow gaff where a woman sits behind a light board fitted over her shoulders so it appears as her headless body powers a lightbulb ca. 1920

La Pascualita or Little Pascuala is a bridal mannequin that has “lived” in a store window in Chihuahua, Mexico for the past 75 years. That is quite a long time for a bridal gown shop to retain a mannequin, but then the dummy has a rather strange history behind it. According to an urban legend, La Pascualita isn’t a dummy at all, but the perfectly preserved corpse of the previous owner’s daughter.

Chopine - Worn by upper-class Venetian women in the 15th century.... can you imagine trying to walk in those...

Lake Natron - If a body falls anywhere else it decomposes very quickly, but on the edge of the lake, it just gets encrusted in salt and stays forever. Wildlife photographer Nick Brandt used the corpses littering the Tanzanian lake shores as posed models for a haunting new series of photographs.

Is this the mummified body of John Wilkes Booth? No... but it traveled the country for decades as a carnival exhibit under that claim. Circa 1939.

As the wife of the ruler of Dai, Xin Zhui led a life of luxury 2,000 years ago in China. When that life ended at the age of 50, she was wrapped in 20 layers of fine silk, submerged in an “elixir of immortality,” encased in four coffins, surrounded by five tons of charcoal, and entombed fifty feet underground. The body of the “Lady of Dai” has been declared the best-preserved mummy ever seen, with blood that is still liquefied, organs that are still intact, and limbs that are still flexible.

Who is the lady revealed in this x-ray image of a portrait of Elizabeth I in the National Portrait Gallery?

Chinese opium bed