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Hey! I'm Anna. Portuguese. Taken. Wannabe translator who just wants to procrastinate. I reblog things mostly. Porn. Comics. Clothes. Houses. Star Wars. Cats. Boobs. Asses. Girls Girls Girls. Things that make me laugh. I'm romantic, stupid and a perv. I...

I believe dogs are better than people. I believe that laughing cures almost anything. I believe in red lipstick. I believe that how a person handles tangled Christmas lights says a lot about their character. And I believe in miracles, always.

Affordable menswear, handmade @ This page will be where I post inspirations for menswear, my mind's cork-board if you will....and sometimes pics of women, amazing apartments/houses and autos because well, this is a gentleman's blog. ----------------------

Wouldn't that be amazing @Ruth H. @Micah Hanker Vandepol @Jenny @Nicole Novembrino williams @Maurya Simonin Petrick @Abbey Adique-Alarcon Layman @Lexi Pixel Stamatis @Hannah Hench Layman @Katie Hrubec I. @Suzanna Rubottom Winter

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Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Believe it !

Except that her Prince is a schmuck. What kind of man proclaims that she is the love of his life, then can't remember what she looks like and has to resort to a kingdom-wide shoe fitting to find her again?