way to teach double digit subtraction...gives borrowing from your neighbor a whole new meaning. We try to consistently use the word regroup instead of borrow - but some students need that "something extra" to solidify understanding. This visual might help!

This 28-page product is jam-packed with quality goodies that will provide you with great resources to use for your fraction unit! What's Included: *Explanation of Interactive Math Notebooks *Fraction Vocabulary Words *Numerator vs. Denominator Mini Anchor Chart *Equivalent Fractions *Estimating Fractions *Color Label the Fraction *Fractions of a Set *Fraction Story Problems *Photos of these interactive math notebook pages

You know, I don't mind "cheat sheets" that help kids remember algorithms, but calling them "rules" sets kids up to dislike math. Ask anybody who has math anxiety, and they'll say, "math has too many rules...." Why not call them "techniques" or "recipes?"

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