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Baby-led feeding Pinner says:-- a nice balanced view of BLW, although her choice to not use the word "weaning" is funny because teaching baby to eat solid food is part of the weaning process even if you don't plan to give up nursing anytime soon :) ................. Incase I am looking for information on it later

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33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

Cut up pieces of fleece to create a teething guard for your baby's crib.


These 16 Epic Parents Will Soon Become Your Favorite People. #15 Are My Heroes.

These People Know How to Parent in the Most Awesome Way Possible.

DIY Co-sleeper made from a $69.99 IKEA crib! I actually really like this one and it would last a LOT longer than those teeny tiny ones they make for newborns. Plus it gives the child "their own bed" feel if you're having a rough night.


Read Me A Story Children's Wall Sticker

Love this poem.

I absolutely adore this bible verse when it comes to babies. What a cute way to incorporate the verse in with precious photos of your new little one. This would look perfect over the crib or maybe the dresser. Love everything about this!