Ingredients Grands Biscuits Shredded Cheese Onions Green Peppers Breakfast Sausage Turkey Bacon Eggs Hash Browns Small Amount of Butter ------ Pre-Heat the oven to 400F Cook Sausage,Onions,GreenPeppers (or your color choosing) , bacon until cooked then add eggs until cooked but still biscuits into small circles rolling up edges if desired,Bake in 400F oven until golden brown about 6-8 min,Top with Egg Mixture then put shredded cheese on top,back in the oven for 3 min

Best Breakfast EVER! Bacon & Egg Stuffed Avocados (just scoop a bit of the avocado out, crack in an egg, sprinkle with bacon and bake 425 for 15 min.)

Sausage pinwheels. 2 ingredients how easy! You can add cheese or exchange sausage with chopped ham, bacon bits or pepperoni...just as good! Be sure and use the Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough, for some reason, it works best!

Sugar Biscuits - A Pioneer Woman #recipes cooking #cooking guide #cooking tips|

Breakfast Crescent Rolls! So delicious!

3-Ingredient Crescent Sausage Bites ~ hot sausage (pork or turkey), cream cheese, & crescent rolls... These are always a huge party hit!

Sloppy Joe Casserole aka Manwich Casserole at my house. I use 1 pound of 93% lean ground beef, 1 can of Manwich Bold, 1 can of Grand Jr Flaky Layer biscuits, 1/2 -3/4 cup finely shredded cheese of choice. I stand the biscuit halves all over the top of the meat mixture and cover with cheese before baking. Everyone here loves it!

Grands Biscuits with Nutella!!! They are delish

Hand-sized Philly Cheeseteaks filled with beef and cheese. | 26 Delicious Things You Can Make With A Tube Of Biscuit Dough

Made these on Girlscout campouts!! With powdered sugar instead. Easy Biscuit Doughnuts - Cut biscuits into quarters, drop in 200 - 240° oil for a couple of minutes (flip halfway), cool sightly on paper. Don't use the biscuits with those "butter" bits!

this looks a little better than the crescent roll/string cheese recipe though they are essentially the same. i just cant get over the other recipe saying to use string cheese

Sausage Crescent Rolls (A girl at work made these for bake sale, she sold out before she could get them to the table) Awesome!!

Any favorite pancake mix, pour over fully cooked sausage (or bacon or fruit), bake in mini muffin tins for bite sized pancakes!

Bacon Egg & Crescent Squares

Lobster Rolls: Quick, easy, few ingredients. All about the garlic buttered bread and plenty of lobster meat. Don't over do the celery salt.

Spread frozen corn (not thawed) on baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil + salt + pepper. Broil for 5 min

Orange Rolls

All-Purpose Shredded Chicken from the Slow Cooker

Cool Crescent Roll Recipes

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Quinoa Sushi Rolls!!