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  • Brittany James-Wilson

    Let this Easter-inspired candy bark cool overnight, for a kid-friendly treat tomorrow. Here’s how we did it: Microwave 16 oz. of vanilla almond bark, uncovered, in the Large Micro-Cooker for about 2 minutes, stirring after every 30 seconds. Immediately pour onto a sheet of Parchment Paper and top with jelly beans. Or you could also use Easter colored M&Ms. Cool completely and break into bite-sized pieces.

  • Barbara J. Bartlett

    Easter "Bark" - pour melted Almond Bark into foil-lined dish... add jelly beans in rows (to make cutting easier!) or your FAVE colorful Easter candy. Cool. Remove foil & cut into mini candies. Serve! Perfect, colorful finger food for the Easter table, tastes great and a BIG hit with the Kiddos!!!

  • Janice Cook

    Easter white chocolate bark with jelly beans

  • Melissa Parker

    Jelly Bean Bark...easy and pretty! Melt vanilla almond bark or white chocolate, spread onto parchment paper, sprinkle jelly beans or other fun easter treats, cool completely, & break.

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