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  • Adel Zeller

    Showbiz Pizza Place (predecessor to Chuck E. Cheese) - BILLY BOB!!

  • Erika Collins

    BEFORE Chucky Cheese there was Billy Bob & Showbiz!! Have so many birthday party photos from Showbiz!!

  • Wendy Storie

    Some of my best childhood memories was spent here.

  • Mendy Haase Borough

    Showbiz Pizza Place. Loved the pizza, but the games were even better!

  • Diane Dewinter

    Showbiz Pizza Place (predecessor to Chuck E. Cheese) Now this.....would be my children's childhood. Birthday parties!!

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Who remembers having/going to a birthday party at Showbiz Pizza??? Chuck E-who?

Showbiz Pizza! I always thought that robotic band was creepy...

Showbiz much better than chuck e cheese.

what was the bear guys name? i remember an old school helicopter that raised up high and this lil bucket thing you sat it and it would spin up and around..

ShowBiz Pizza, taking my son there was like being in a zoo with all the animals out of their cages... ....

FATZ doll Showbiz Pizza...Chuck E. Cheese put Showbiz out of business

ShowBiz Pizza - One of my most favorite places in the world, and they had the best pizza I'd ever tasted

Can you believe Planters discontinued these?...There is a petition out there folks..Sign it!! LOL

Kraft Squeeze Cheese!! I remember this. My parents would buy it when they were going to have a cocktail party.

ShowBiz. So much better than today's "Chuck E. Cheese." Can I get a "what what?"

Stormy, Misty's Foal by Calsidyrose, via Flickr