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That's so sad... (/;-;)/


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Priorities.....plain and simple.

sad but true these days.

Which Middle Eastern Country respects our flag and our nation?.....only ONE! And Obama is going to ruin this. VOTE OBAMA OUT


8 States Announced That Their Soldiers Will No Longer Be Unarmed | Not WA State. We stink too bad.


Gun rights

The KKK and the Black Panthers are both racist hate groups started by Democrats.


Tired of PC BS.

How many American Snipers need to be Hired

You ALL Killed Kate

I support the Biblical definition of marriage. You might be able to change the laws of America, But you will never change the laws of God.

Well said.

"The Time has come to turn back to GOD and reassert our trust in HIM for the healing of AMERICA" - Ronald Reagan

July 13, 2014 Obamacare’s Biggest Legal Threat In Halbig, the courts may finally force Obama to work with Congress if he wants to rewrite the law. Click link below to read this news article.