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Jansen Family Adventures: Life is an adventure. Share the joy!!: Fizzy, Fun Preschool Science Activity (Part 3: Alka Seltzer Lava Lamp)

20 Must-Try Summer Science Activities for Kids

Simple experiment to introduce lightening! Material: pencil with an eraser, aluminum tray or pie tin, wool cloth (I used a wool baby wrap), Styrofoam plate (I used a clean meat tray), thumbtack I HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS!!!!

Make Your Own Ocean Zones in a Jar

Create a model of Ocean Zones (layers of the ocean) using a jar and several household ingredients!

Fun Science Experiment: Pour whole milk and add red bull - let sit 5 minutes and the acid in the red bull will cause the protein in the milk to separate - liquid changing to solid! New Science Experiment to try!

Best Science Apps for Middle School and Upper Elementary School Kids