I MUST make one of these 'always accurate' watches! What a fun gift this would be as well. #upcycled #recycled #watch

It's hard to resist the tiny bottles of nail art goodies at Dollar Tree - not for the contents, but for the bottles themselves! They're perfect for making all kinds of jewelry projects, including this "message in a bottle" necklace by Mad in Crafts that is also a fun way to give someone a secret message or commemorate an event!

I run on caffeine chaos & cuss words coffee mug. This perfect coffee mug helps you start your crazy day with a little humor More

Written Reminder Alarm Clock ensures your poor memory is no longer an excuse. This unique alarm clock will not only be able to tell you the time, not to mention giving you a nice “wake up call”, so to speak, at the right time which you have set beforehand, but it is also able to illuminate the written reminders on its integrated dry-erase board whenever the alarm sounds in the morning.

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