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  • Tamar Dakes Botha

    Dolphin Swims for Kids - Ponta Malongane

  • Margie

    Just as we humans have names like Dick or Jane that we use to call each other, dolphins have their own unique whistles that their close friends and family use when they reply. Study from the Sea Mammal Research Unit at University of St. Andrews in Scotland, recorded the "signature whistles" and using a hydrophone, broadcast them back to the dolphins. When they heard a familiar name, the dolphins would whistle back the same name.

  • Regina Reif

    Dolphins are the cutest animals in the world. Seriously. I can't ever get over them, and what a dream job to work with them.

  • Virginia Clarke Adams

    Swimming with Dolphins! An amazing experience that I shared with my daughter Jen in Cozumel Mexico.

  • Alexandra Adams

    So this is the siren's call of the ocean

  • Peggy Palmeri

    One of my other bucket list items-swim with these cuties :)!

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