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from thenumbertwentyone

Surface Area and Volume- Skin and Guts

skin and guts - an awesome way to teach surface area and volume. Some kids have such a hard time with this. Also demonstrates the effect of changing the dimensions.

Bazinga - an awesome review game for most any subject and any grade. Students are in teams, I ask questions, and the students answers them. If a team is correct they have the chance to pick a Bazinga Card and we do what it says (e.g. double your score, erase 1 point from another team, switch the team captain of the winning team with the team captain of the losing team, etc.).

The Pi Episode: Math Bites with Danica McKellar. This would be a great video to show on Pi Day, March 14th. It is about 6 minutes long and entertaining and it also stars Winnie Cooper (I mean Danica McKellar). Make Middle School Math Pi Day an event at your school.

from Have Fun Teaching

Volume Video

Volume song….very catchy….would definitely help students remember!

monitor classroom volume - click on "awesome website"...tested it by yelling at my really works!!!