Is it bad that I kinda wanna do this...?


I'm not sure if I could pull this off, but if I could..that would be pretty amazing.

This is it; how I want MY hair. Now! 28 Real Girls Prove Anyone Can Rock Rainbow-Bright Hair....

purple ombré

vpfashion ombre blue hair extensions for black hair 2015

Some times I wish my hair was straight like this...or in dreadlocks. Instead I have pain in the butt curls I can do nothing with. #hatemyhair :: #dreadstop

such a pretty color

Hair dye. Love the colored tips!

dip-dye hair! ♥

Hair Styles hair pretty color collage dye long wavy styles different

I doubt I'd ever have the nerve to actually do the purple, but in the pic it looks absolutely gorgeous!


My hair[: pink and blue stylish hair 2013 cute hair blonde hair colored hair mine DIY #splat #hair #dye

pretty color!

Gorgeous Hair. I love the pretty brown color with highlights & the style too.

I'm gonna get my hair done soon, and I think I'm getting something like this.

Red brown hair with highlights. Want

Oh if I had long straight hair, and a job that didn't mind....


#dyedhair #wavy hair #purple hair #long hair