• Andrea Brace

    Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe: 9 ounces coconut oil -9 ounces olive oil -5 ounces castor oil -3 ounces jojoba oil -2 ounces shea butter -2 ounces cocoa butter -1 ounce beeswax -4 ounces water -6 ounces coconut milk -4 ounces lye Optional Essential Oils -Rosemary and peppermint for dark hair -Lavender and lemon for blonde hair -Lime and coconut for all types

  • Jan Randall

    How To Make A Luxurious Shampoo Bar Soap - Hot Process #shampoo bar #natural shampoo #homemade shampoo

  • Noma Henzel

    Natural Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe resourceful

  • Rebecca McNeil

    luxurious coconut oil shampoo bar. I was looking for a natural shampoo bar recipe but this looks a little daunting... thoughts, anyone?

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