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5 Simple Tips to Teach Fidgety Kids | Sooo Good! I have so many kids I can use this with!

Make this and display in classroom

This is the BEST idea. As a teacher there will be a lot of this. As a student I saw a lot of this myself. I wasn't talking I was singing. Singing, whispering, whatever you were still TALKING. I would definitely use this in a classroom.

Free apps list by grade levels

Rock & Teach: Stop what you're doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom. FREE

20 ADHD Accommodations That Work

Top 20 ADHD Accommodations and Modifications That Work - Typically children diagnosed with ADHD have developmentally inappropriate behavior, including poor attention skills, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. While there may be disagreement among professionals regarding the incidence rate and even the actual diagnosis, all teachers will agree that all students are different and a single approach or strategy will not work for each and every student.

The Positive Classroom: challenging behavior

Tips for teaching children with ADHD

Great classroom ideas!

LOVE these!

ADHD at School: Helping Children Follow Directions Strategies to help children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) focus and sustain attention in the classroom.

awesome website. Just type in a bunch of words and it makes it into a picture

Tips for teachers with a challenging class. Also, a linky party on the bottom of the blog which leads to many more tips and ideas for classroom management.

25 TED Talks Perfect For Classrooms: #1 - On liking classical music, and #24 - a 12 year old girl on why adults need to think like kids I teach with TED all the time... So it could be worth comparing my list...

First day of school tips and FREE printables.

Tips to use with your chronic discipline problems

"Wheel of Choices" is designed to give students appropriate options in their struggles with others. Whenever they can, students should try three of these choices before approaching an adult with an issue.