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    Why does everybody on Pinterest hate pants??? I've never felt the desire to go pant less... @EllieCline

    Need this sign. Or maybe as a Tshirt?

    The way they treat everyone ... lucky for us we learned early! Good luck to the rest of the world... you've been duly warned!

    I felt like saying this today, to some people who could take a day that is meant to honor those who went through a tragedy, and turn it into their own pitty party. I think we need to start realizing that our "problems" and "complaints" are minuscule compared to others.

    Lol, I hate those baby on board signs. Like really, I was going to ram your car but I see you have a baby on board so I change my mind. Duh

    It's a shame, those selfish people. Man I could use some fat taken out. I just can't seem to get loose of some people.

    Selfish bitch! Always has time to bitch, but no time to listen..NEXT!

    Isn't this the truth? And there are so many people that just don't get it!

    this seems to be the mentality of all selfish ppl (not just men) and most ppl are very selfish bcuz they've never had to live outside of their own comfort zone

    If life gives you lemons...