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The Floating mug by Tigere Chiriga, via Kickstarter.

Floating Coffee Mug . Keep your tables clean without needing a drink coaster with these floating coffee mugs. Using a clever supp.

Idee, modelli e tutorial di maglia, uncinetto, cucito, ricamo... e molto di più!

Knitting clocks by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen. Knitting 24 hours a day and a year at a time, the clocks knit one mesh every half hour all day long. In a year they'll knit a 2 meter long scarf. At the end of the year, change the yarn and let a new scarf begin.

Cat Mug - adorable matte mug has a teeny cat silhouette on the outside and a feathery, detailed tail for a handle. Use it as a cute teatime accessory, or put a tiny candle in it to fill it with cozy light.

Bringing you a fairy-tail story. Just like forest animals out of a fairy tale! Their feathery tails are on matte finished mugs, so Mugtail succeeds in bringing an elegant atmosphere. The size is designed to match the animal motif.

Pawsitively Bemused Mug. You love tackling the morning crossword puzzle with this black, cat-paw-shaped mug in hand. #black #modcloth

Everything in Paw-spective Graphic Tee

Pawsitively Bemused Mug. this black, cat-paw-shaped mug in hand. My coffee mug / tea cup collection wants this and doesn't want this.I can't decide if I should put my foot down or not thehehe cough

Day & Night Mug | Stupid.com

Day Night Coffee Mug - Changes from light to dark with heated liquid.I love that it has a Map on it, I Love Maps!

Heart mugs

Heart Shape Handle Design Tea and Coffee Cup with Black and Red color

ideia para cha de tendencias

Phoebe Richardson - Bone Collection - Skeleton Cup Stack Skeleton mugs

Um design absurdamente simples para xícaras de café que pega todas as gotas. | 26 Produtos Que Você Não Pode Acreditar Que Ainda Não Existem

26 Produtos Que Você Não Pode Acreditar Que Ainda Não Existem

An insanely simple design for a coffee cup that catches all the drips. - Designed by Kim Keun Ae, this cup has a ridge that keeps your coffee from dripping onto your surface.

life is simple when you live simply

simple ~ beautiful mugs. I have a clay coloured 'chocolate' version of these mugs

Sweet Marshmallow Mugs Set by PLASTICLAND

Sweet Marshmallow mug set. This makes me, think of smores and of being warm and drinking hot coco on a cold day

Kaserol sizin için en güzel tasarımları araştırıyor. Bu güzel kupadan kim kahve içmek istemez ki  #kaserol #kupa #mug #kahve #coffee #coffeemug #coffeelover

Back in Stock! Cute Cat Mug {Limited Quantity} >> 2 Color Options - 12 oz. Coffee Mug - Tickled Teal

Falta esta na minha coleção...aceito doações, hehehehehe!

Cookie Monster Cup with a place for your cookies. So cute!

Mugtail Squirrel || the future perfect

Adorable Mugs Feature Animals and Their Tails

Mugtail Squirrel will keep you company as you sit and sip on coffee or tea. His fluffy tail winds up along the cup to form a handle.