this should be in every classroom. LOVE it.

Here's a classroom poster to show students how important they are....I think I will make and put outside my office and sign...your Principal

Classroom Rules

Tons of bright inspirational signs for the classroom :)

In Our Classroom....I wish I could find this in a poster. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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27 Ways to Greet Students

Great printable sayings....not just for the classroom!

Ideas for posting inspiring quotes around your classroom!

Free Posters for the classroom--remember to look over these when I need something for the classroom.

Instead of I don't know...

This is a great idea. For a lot of students middle school is a tough time, and it's nice to hear someone say these words to you.

for the classroom.

so true

I use this in my classroom

In this classroom, We do ...

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No Name Classroom Organization

so very true