Great FHE lesson idea about daily scripture study and daily prayer.

Great oject lesson on forgiveness, etc

Object lesson: Teaches what happens when your focus is on worldly things instead of God.

Words are Like Toothpaste -- can help if used correctly, can make big mess if not...and almost impossible to clean up/take back once out! Object lesson plus printable craft...

FHE lesson? Helping Kids to Begin to Notice the Needs of Others from

FHE lesson on lying.. This is AMAZING!

an unpeeled orange floats, while an peeled orange sinks...Object lesson about "standing in holy places" and having our "armor" on will help keep us from sinking.

Rock, Paper, Scriptures!

Object Lessons - about how important our words are and how they effect others.

Fun LDS Object Lesson. Also on blog is 16 FHE lesson ideas

Bible Lesson: I can't see Him, but God is here! Free preschool printables

Lego object lesson about the importance of the scriptures

10 Sunday School Object Lessons [with videos] You Will Love So Much You'll Cry with Happiness...and Then Proceed to Use Every Last One Of Them

"Awesome armor of God example for kids to understand how important it is." -- Love this lesson! Such a great way to express our need for God in our lives.

Get excited about studying scriptures.

A little won't hurt! - Object Lesson on Pornography

It took me FOREVER to find this link to all of the books. It is a link to the kids scripture stories. They have them downloadable in text, audio, and video. I used one of the videos in nursery today and it was a hit!

FHE lessons

YourLifeUncommon: FHE: "Doing Our Dailies" Teaching the effects of daily scripture study prayers

Study the names of Christ

scripture grab bag- very cute idea for a quick lesson or time filler. Reach in, grab one item and look up scriptures/tell story