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    How to Keep the Cats Out of Your Sandbox - A natural method for keeping the neighborhood cats out of your sandbox, your garden and your porch. We've been doing this for nearly 3 years - it really works!



    • Terri DeJong

      A natural method for keeping cats out of your sandbox, garden, bushes, and porch. We've been doing this for nearly 3 years - it really works!

    • whiterose1964 .

      Super simple and FREE solution that will keep your cats out of the sandbox all summer long! About once a week, pour urine around the perimeter of the sand box. Gross, but I guess it works

    • Kate Rasmussen

      Steven pees in a cup. And then he pours it around the perimeter of the sandbox. Works like a charm. The cats stay away – and we don’t have to pay money, spray chemicals or drag home lion dung to keep them away. - See more at:

    • Leta Atkinson

      FREE solution for keeping cats out of the litter box. If it doesn't make you laugh, read the second comment left after the post. You'll die laughing.

    • Pamela Klimek

      So, if this works for the sand box will it work in the house too for when the cats offend my indoor spaces? Question is am I willing to fowl low this technique indoors? Worth the thought; NOT! Super simple and FREE solution that will keep your cats out of the sandbox all summer long!

    • Becky Gates

      helpful tips, laundry stain remover... cats/ sand box deterrant...grandmothers' as flower girls! :)

    • Charles Allen

      Keep Cats Out of Sand Box Click here to learn how to stop your cats from spraying in your house.

    • Breanna Sieck

      Keeping cats away from your garden/sandbox. I'm a little scared to try this...

    • Rebecca Stuurwold

      Keep Kitties Out of the Kids' Sandbox (And Other Helpful Household Tips)

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    How to keep neighborhood cats out of my garden!!!! ( I really wish people would just stop letting their cats roam around free!)

    How to keep your child's sandbox clean. Spray vinegar throughout sand and toss sand to dry out bottom layers. Use kitty litter scoop and strainer for nasties in the sand. Eucalyptus oil around the perimeter and cinnamon sticks to deter bugs and animals. Basil and mint work too. Cover box with plywood when not in use!

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    Bookshelf turned sandbox- what a great idea!!

    make a footprint every year alternating legs and soon you'll have a path of prints running through the garden as well as a growth chart.---aww wish I had thought of this!

    Cinnamon in the Sandbox--- Did anyone else know this???? Now that its getting warmer, the kids are going to want to play in the sandbox. Cinnamon in the Sandbox keeps the bugs away! I knew cinnamon repelled ants... but I never thought of this! Brilliant! I've also heard it will keep the cats out.

    (this has been my method for a while now) Don't forget, cardboard helps keep out weeds and is great for your soil!

    to do: make a sand pit. I would say this is for the kids and grands, but it would really be for me to play in too!

    Keep the cats out of the kids sandbox with Coleus Canina (aka Scaredy Cat Plant): An attractive foliage plant, Coleus canina also has a smell abhorrent to cats. The plant has striking grey-green foliage, which gives off a strong aroma especially when touched and in summer it produces heads of lovely pale blue flowers. If planted in a container this can be moved around the garden protecting different areas from cats. Thankfully it only smells to humans when touched.

    How to Keep Stray Cats Out of Your Yard Did the neighborhood stray cats pick your yard for their favorite bathroom? Most local laws allow cats to roam free, and it is a crime to harm them. Here are many suggestions that you can try. What works for one cat, might not work for another so be prepared to try more than one solution. 9 tried & true solutions. Good luck!

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