Valentine Heart Cake no special pan required

this looks so easy!!

Valentine's Day Cake

This is the ONLY page you will need for all your Valentine's Day baking! So many yummy ideas!

use dove heart chocolates for valentine's day-these are way cuter than using kisses!

Heart-Shaped Recipes For Valentine’s Day

Heart cake for valentines day. This looks like something I could actually do :)

Spiderman cake. I will definitely be making this for Andrew on his birthday :)

Red Velvet Poke Cake with cheesecake pudding. Oh my word! This was delicious!

Colander for Drying Cake Pops

These are delicious gingerbread cookies, perfect for making with the kids. I love gingerbread around Christmas..or really anytime.

Chocolate Malt Marshmallow Cake

Easy way to make a heart shaped cake: one 8" round, one 8" square, cut round in half to make the top of the heart. Easy!

hot dog hearts

how to bake a heart (or any shape!) into your cupcakes

Maybe for valentines day

GENIUS! To create easy to decorate pull-apart cupcake cakes, place the liners into shaped pans. Then, pour the cupcake batter in and bake. The cupcakes will conform to the pan and create different shaped cupcakes that are still easy to separate.

A simple chocolate chip cake recipe creates these adorable watermelon cupcakes that will liven up any spring or summer party.

Red velvet hearts


cut the tops off cupcakes, cookie-cutter a heart out, fill with frosting and place back on top..