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This company makes stuffed animals out of discarded clothes. A great use for baby favorites that have stains in places that make saving it or passing it on unthinkable.

DIY Baby Pip Jointed Teddy by craftbits: Excellent photos and details. #DIY #Teddy_Bear #carftbits

make a basket of these bears from fabric recycled from old clothing or as ornaments or as a baby shower gift or favor. love it!

Feels Like Home™from Feels Like Home™

Keepsake Quilts: Make a Quilt from Baby Clothes

Great idea for old baby clothes that you don't want to part with! Make them into a quilt :D I really want to do this or get it done by someone.

Patchwork Bear Storefrom Patchwork Bear Store

Keepsake Memory Clothes Bear

The Original Baby Clothes Bear! Every parent has favorite clothes that their kids have outgrown, full of stains and memories: The one they came home from the hospital in, first smile, first meal, first steps, family trips, etc. Preserve those memories and transform treasured clothes into a custom Patchwork Bear!

Patchwork Bear Storefrom Patchwork Bear Store

Keepsake Memory Clothes Bear GIFT KIT

Keepsake Memory Clothes Bear -- patchwork bears (and quilts) made out of sentimental baby clothes, t-shirts, etc.

memory bear is a hand-made 16” stuffed teddy bear that is made of your favorite fabrics and photo (idea using clothes from family member who passes away)


Update: Boom Boom Room Giveaway: The Patchwork Bear

baby clothes quilts | Baby_clothes_bear_2008

Quilt made from baby clothes. Great way to repurpose and preserve his clothes. It would be a cool way to show how far he's gone since he was a tiny preemie. Also like to make a Christmas themed one after the first few years.

The Seameryfrom The Seamery

Fit to a T baby romper tutorial part 2: Making the Pattern and Cutting

Turn old T-shirts into baby onesies.. I love this idea.

Memory Quilt Made From Baby Clothes. Great idea!!!..... Now I know what to with the baby clothes and bibs I didn't want to get rid of!