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Medicare VS. Medicaid --shared by Fusion360 on Jul 21, 2014 -- See more at:

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Benefit Comparison! A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan (also known as a Medigap policy) is health insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill gaps in Original Medicare coverage. Medigap policies can help pay your co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles. Some Medigap policies also cover certain benefits Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Medicare and Medicaid: Where the Money Goes | Online MPA Degrees #Infographic

SOAP Note Example for Mental Health Counselors - private practice Repinned by urban wellness:

Coping skills & distress tolerance. Learning to recognise the signs of patterns of old behaviours & then finding alternative solutions to deal with the feelings & emotions.

Louisiana Disability Lawfrom Louisiana Disability Law

SSDI and SSI: Similar but Different Disability Programs

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Self-Care Wheel. Do you care for yourself in all 6 areas of your life? (You didn't know there were 6 important areas to take care of, did you?) This helpful wheel labels each one and describes how to care for yourself from each domain. Live a balanced and healthy life!

Understanding self injury & self harm. Don't dismiss it. Its on the rise & if you have a teenager, you need to be aware.

Infographic on Teen Mental Health. Unfortunately, Teen Screen has closed down. There are still resources for teens, though. is one such resource. Follow this pin to download handouts that can be distributed at schools, clubs, or wherever there are teenagers.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Hard Truth About Depression

What is Depression Infographic. Gain detail knowledge on what the depression facts, symptoms and myths are. Pinned by your source for geriatric occupational therapy resources.