• Colleen Joyce

    Almost done with rewatching season 2 of Friday Night Lights. I forgot how awesome this show was. I also appreciate how good of an actor Taylor Kitsch is now after seeing him in other things. He's not an idiot, but he played Riggins like one and it was perfect. Had me believing.

  • Haley Ackerman

    Texas Forever - Tim Riggins

  • Cheryl Grimins

    Friday Night Lights. Friggin TIM RIGGINS :) -- I always did like the bad boys LOL

  • Sabrina Collins

    I have never been so in love with a tv character #fridaynightlights #timriggins

  • Timothy Shull

    Friday Night Lights - Tim Riggins Approves

  • AshleyNicole Boenig

    1. I loved Friday Night Lights 2. I LOVE Tim Riggins and 3. I Really Love Taylor Kitsch❤

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