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    Holy shit this fantastic.

    Rule One. | Sad though it is, this is a must watch for anyone who considers themself a Whovian. *Ooohhh this very nearly makes the Doctor look like a baddie >:) it also makes Doctor Who look like a proper drama :) If I was not already a fan I'd want to see it after watching this.

    Wow. This video is amazing.

    Agree-->>I think this song may have been written just for the Doctor.

    Oh River Song.

    If you want to see me cry like a little baby, make me watch this.

    Doctor Who unreleased scene -- Amy learns she wasn't the first companion, and certainly not the first hottie on board. great scene.

    SPOILERS!!!: River & The Doctor This is FANTASTIC!!! LOVE!!!

    River Song

    ""Who's Your Doctor?"" Art Print

    This. This is why David Tennant is the best. Cast and crew of Doctor Who singing to "5,000 Miles".

    10th Doctor: the Musical.... The ninth doctor watching it on TV. Some of this cracked me up. The music choices are spot on. Fantastic! and i'm dead.



    Doctor Who P.S. - Series 7 2012 - BBC One, the scene that never was

    River Song's Timeline. Narrated by River herself. Totally worth taking the time to watch!!!!

    River and the Doctor.

    A Thousand Years - Doctor/River (River's Timeline) Sweet video

    "This is why I love him. Well, this and his fantastic, gravity-defying hair." agreed.

    Ladies Doctor Who Zip Up Hoodie: Non 80s TV Shows: Doctor Who

    Spoilers if you are not up to date, but absolutely amazing if you are!!!!!