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The PCH Prize Patrol Elite is ready to surprise a new winner!

Todd wants to know........WHO can give me the FUNNIEST caption for this photo? Let's see what you got!

Watch Out! Exciting PCH SuperPrize Ahead! It just might be lil ole ME!

Real PCH Prize Patrol Warns: Don't Be Fooled By PCH Scams! I am pinning this because today someone tried to scam me claiming to be PCH on their way to my house to deliver a prize.

I had PCH for breakfast, like I do EVERY DAY all DAY LONGGGGG ..fills me yup!

Publishers Clearing House - Google+ I like this game so I will definitely go a few rounds (Smiles)

I want to party with the #PrizePatrol ....Oh Yea ! (Smiles) Enjoy this warm weather Dave ! (Smiles) !

Happy Birthday Dave Sayer ....And many more ! (Smiles)

Danielle Lam shared some really beautiful pictures with PCH Fans on FB and Twitter (Smiles) This is Danielle looking fabulous!