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    Regrow your store-bought romaine lettuce

    Store romaine lettuce

    Sweet Potato - Rooted How to grow your own sweet potatoes plants from the store

    How to Store Your Garden Produce: The Key to Self-Sufficiency

    Cucumber trellis to shade the lettuce garden... Awesome IDEA!!!

    vertical garden. I need this for spinach, lettuce and herbs

    15 foods you can regrow from scraps! - PandaWhale

    How To Store Your Groceries

    Growing, Storing and Curing Winter Squash - advice from an Organic Farmer

    Grow your own celery from your remains from the store. Just chop off the base and plant.

    Learn how to make outdoor lights using dollar store LED lights and pots or baskets or almost anything as a shade.

    $11....using supplies from the Dollar Store! This whole website is full of Dollar Store tutorials!

    how to arrange grocery store flowers to look like they were from a florist

    Vertical Plastic Bottle Garden All you need is a small amount of vertical space around a balcony or an open window which can hang or store a vertical array of drink bottles that can grow all your herbs and lettuce easily. Recycle as many of your plastic drink containers. Make sure they are roughly the same size. Remove the labels. The larger 2 litre soft drink containers are ideal.

    Homemade Lotion Bars. None of the chemicals, parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum, etc. that you'll find in store-bought lotions! Use coconut and olive oil.

    this is just too darn cute!!! Mr McGregor’s Garden by peegeetee, via Flickr

    Signs of Spring by José Gieskes #Photography #Spring #Snow_Drops

    Regrow roses!!! "My neighbor has a row of roses, which he took as cuttings. I asked how he took them. He simply plunges the cuttings into the ground. But his secret of success is the humble potato! Before planting cuttings, he pushes the bottom end into a small potato, which he believes keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. It sounds crazy, but his row of allotment roses is proof it works." (quote from link)

    Good idea!

    18 Foods you can regrow from kitchen scraps - amazing! (Click on the picture then scroll down to the list of food items. Click on the food item and it will take you to a link that tells you how to regrow that particular item)