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How to Make a Solar Still to Purify Water Project - The Homestead Survival - Water Storage and Purification - Homesteading - Emergency Preparedness

$40 Generator From A Lawnmower, diy, homesteading, prepping, emergency power, upcycle, generator, cheap generators, survival power,

The Bushcraft Storefrom The Bushcraft Store

Crusader Cooking System with the Issue 58 pattern Osprey Bottle

BCB Crusader system integral survival kit. NATO water bottle, cup, stove and Zulu cover/pouch.

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

Food Storage for "Dummies" (who are SMART enough read this!)

List of items - buy one each week for 52 weeks to be prepared!

Parentsfrom Parents

Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

a pediatrician explains her emergency kit. This is hard to think about but really good information

Urban Survival Sitefrom Urban Survival Site

50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy

Great list

Survive this: Make a Garbage Bag Shelter Part of Your Survival Kit (Great Video)(maybe a black and green one for different situations..)

Knowledge Weighs Nothingfrom Knowledge Weighs Nothing

How To Bug-In & Survive: What You Need to Consider & What You Should Be Storing

How to Bug-In: Everything You Need to Know to Survive a Grid-Down Disaster -

A Long-Term Survival Guide - Types of Primitive Ovens | Scribd

DIY Readyfrom DIY Ready

Waterproof Fire Starters

Survival Tip: How to make waterproof straw fire starters.

Kitchen Stewardship | A Baby Steps Approach to Balanced Nutritionfrom Kitchen Stewardship | A Baby Steps Approach to Balanced Nutrition

Super Quick Tip for Storing Water for Emergencies

Quick Trick to Store Water for Emergencies - takes no time and practically no space. Includes instructions for how to safely DRINK your stored water, since it actually does go bad in time.