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Creating a Winter Emergency Survival Kit

Winter Emergency Survival Kit Ever since we had Winter Storm Atlas, I felt like we weren't prepared like I wanted us to be for winter. We did alright but not as well as I'd hoped and I definitely saw some areas for improvement. The main area was just to simply build a much better winter ...
  • Adrienne {Whole New Mom}

    Building a Winter Emergency Survival Kit. Make sure you are prepared for any winter storm that might come your way by always having heat, food, and light. Great tips in this post on what you should include in your emergency kit.

  • Trini Beti

    Winter Emergency Survival Kit. Emergency Preparedness Kit. How to build a thorough winter emergency survival kit to be prepared for power outages.

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Survivalist Prepper wrote a great article on this topic. He shares his thoughts on finding water in the city and suggests nine different places to look.

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This is awesome! Not sold commercially, sadly, only a few dozen prototypes were made for a music festival. Great concept. I'd imagine heavy-duty green or black plastic would be even better.

Understanding how underutilized this food source is can give you an upper-hand for a time when food may not be as readily available.

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Time and time again, I see prominent preppers advising other preppers and survivalists to filter water with Pool Shock, but that's SHLOCKY and unsafe advice! Do not ever, (and I mean EVER) filter your water with Pool Shock or you'll shock your system! Instead, get yourself AquaPail 1000 to safely and effectively filter larger quantities of water (up to 1000 gallons). Another excellent solution is a Big Berkey Water filter. Prep happy and safely. www.happypreppers...

A lot of preppers hear, "I will just go to your house if something happens." It's important that you let them know, "Coming to my house is not a good idea."

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