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Empress Sunjeong of the Korean Empire (20 Aug 1894 - 3 Feb 1966) - Consort of Emperor Yunghui, the last emperor of the Joseon Dynasty and of Korea, she was born Lady Yun of Haepyeong in Seoul. Her father was Marquis Yun Taek-yeong, Lord of Haepung.

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King Gwangjong of Goryeo

King Gwangjong of Goryeo: Tyrant or Reformer? Gwangjong 광종(光宗)  Personal Name: Wong So 왕소(王昭) Born: 925 Died: July 4, 975 As Seen On TV:  The 4th King of the Goryeo Dynasty, you can see his story p…

Chinese Phoenix Paintings. 봉황 Phoenix (凤凰) is a creature of imagination in myths and legends of the East Asia. Phoenix was born by mating of crane bird and dragon. Phoenix only eat bamboo fruits and only live on the paulownia(the Empress tree). It was known that Phoenix will emerge in an age of peace or with an advent of a great king.

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‘Buddha’ goes to the hospital: Medical scans reveal rare documents inside 17th century sculpture

Buddha goes to the hospital for x-rays. Discoveries inside 17th century Bodhisattva statue. WaPo.