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Only At Walmart

Hahahaha! But seriously.

Mean parents... he planned this when he named me!

Too funny

We've all been there.

Honest and it!

Sad but true

Oh, look! It's "Fuck this shit" o'clock.

This is hilarious

How to catch a white girl.

Mary Poppins :) - I cannot possibly explain how proud I am that my daughter pinned this one! *snicker Who says mom's "stupid old Disney movies" from "the covered wagon days" aren't cool?!

I hate to even pin this under my funny category.. because this is seriously scary. just how dumb are most people nowadays? oh boy....


Uhm yep!


Snarkiness, is replacing real humor. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.



Flawless logic.

I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.



Funny nerd love quotes

Who indeed...

For my peeps in the 321- teehee!