Please pick me! I want to win a 25-day trip to sea with Enrichment Voyages and @LunaticAtLarge!

Fall 2012 semester at sea voyage on the MV Explorer. Photo by

M.V. Explorer, Semester at Sea

travel without a map

Semester at Sea's MV Explorer

Have you planned your trip meticulously? But you still end up disappointed when you get to your dreamed destination? This can occur and you can suffer from travel disappointment. It's not the end of the world, read my tips on how to cope with travel disappointment

Have been to Barcelona and Roma but Provence, Nice, and La Spezia are still on the travel list.

A couple of years ago, when you heard people say they were going on a cruise you would normally picture retirees in straw hats, sandals and brightly colored and flowered shirts. Nowadays... #cruise #CruiseTravel #Travel #PortOfCall #CruiseDestinations

These tips will show how to prepare your home for vacation so the next time you head out the door, you won't be worried about the things you left behind.

I want to win a 25-day trip to sea with Enrichment Voyages and @LunaticAtLarge!

road trip the west's national parks!! Defiantly on my bucket list to see all the national parks!

Pura Lempuyang Door, Bali, Indonesia. 2015 trip! @Sally McWilliam McWilliam McWilliam McHugh

US Road Trips

Sea sparkle

The 10 best road trips in America. Includes places to visit, miles and attractions. (Marfa/big bend, California sur, Montana, etc)

100 Things You Need To Eat in Austin.

Portugal, Fort de Saint John the Baptist Berlenga Island My traveling buddy, Party Simpson and & I really,really need to see this.

travel list-- #treasuredtravel

sea, water, sea, water, sea, water


Colmer, France. Looks like a page ripped from a storybook!