red and black hair

Pretty make-up and hair. I want to put that red in my hair.

Scene hair

scene hair | Tumblr

Red orange ombre hair ♥

Scene hair

Black hair with blue peekaboo highlights. As much as I would love to do this with purple versus blue, I am so not brave enough.

fire red hair | Tumblr

red and black hair - This is what I am doing Friday!

This is pretty much the hair I desperately wanted in middle school and beginning of high school

scene girl ok ive seen this pic a million times and i love it so much !!!!!!!! this girl is soo pretty and her eyes are beautiful!!!

Black Hair with Pink Streaks--Going to let the cat out of the bag: I plan on doing my hair like this, only with black and purple. :D

Red & Black

Red and black hair x

Rethinking my bright red hair - black with red streaks?

it's red .. it's an emo color .. and .. oh i don't care but it's pretty cute !!

Scene hair

Red/black hair

Scene hair

Red n Black

Pretty hair