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Hayne Bayless - "I'm intrigued by what happens when clay is rolled, stretched, pressed, incised, inlayed, extruded, bent, cut and put back together.

from Désirant

Koski Oval Vase

Made out of a ceramic resin, the textured finish resembles the natural look of stone. Oval Chocolate Dimensions: 3"l x 3"w x 4"h

from TAB Studio with Mrs. B

What to do with all that dry clay

Reclaim dried out clay, add 2 cups water to the bag of clay, then fill the 5 gal bucket with water to cover. Let sit for a week.

from The Chalkboard

3 Tonics A Day + The Ceramics We're Throwing Them In

Find out why we’re obsessing over these artisan “ancient future” ceramics, and what beautifying concoctions we’re filling them with…