• Jeffrey Hart

    Megaupload shut down message

  • Hamza Tariq

    FBI Seized Website Banner! @MegaUpload

  • ONErpm

    DEBATE: Will We Ever Return to the Days Before Mass Piracy? The most entrenched cynics will say “Ha! Um. No.” Most would argue the culture of piracy is too deeply interwoven into music culture today. Sound point. However, a lot has changed with music consumption as of late. Streaming has rivaled downloads, illegal and legal, and this is the key detail that might eat away at piracy. Unfortunately, streaming is still slow to find fair royalty rates with labels and musicians. When there

  • Greg Gregorie

    Food for thought:.

  • Sheryl Williams

    The pin to link to the Disney movies: http://www.megaupload.com/? d=R9C1JEM7 1940 -Fantasia...

  • Zéro de Conduite

    The Revenge of SOPA/PIPA

  • Federico

    10 years ago.

  • Rebekah Brown

    NOTICE this seriously just popped up on my screen....

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