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And we just took my 32 week belly shots. This would have been better. Actually, i wish I had this picture from the week of the gender ultrasound. That would make a good scrapbook page.

another great couple maternity..beach and blanket

Great picture with daddy! I even have the same dress!

maternity photography - make love real photography - maternity session

Haha this just makes me laugh! How many pregnant girls do u know that look like this at 9 mo? Lol

  • Angie

    I was like her and trust me I didnt take too much care of myself....


    Yes well I had something called sideoprosiouses and its when ur baby shifts 2 the side of you and then you have to have a seasection done. It totally stinks.

  • Soma Sabeh

    seasection. lol


    Haha yayah! Dats how dis gurl rolls

  • Sara Diamond

    seabear seasection

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I'm going to be completely honest, I've always wondered why women get photos of themselves pregnant. To me it is beautiful but also very personal. However I've seen some pregnancy photos that look really "sexy" or "risque" and I hate them. I'd rather see something like this, something naturally beautiful about a pregnant woman.

  • Danielle Thilette

    You dont have to understand it or like it but dont infer that women who are simply proud of their bellies are showing off for some kind of social exceptance like a cry for attention. Its simply a beautiful belly growing life.

  • Heather McKim

    Yes, that is your opinion and you're entitled to it as well.

  • Paola Mena

    I think it could be a one time only experience in your life, and just some women are lucky and blessed to be able to get pregnant. It is the only time I would feel absolutely comfortable in my own skin, without having to worry about "looking fat" or chubby in pictures. If I wake up one day and feel like taking sexy pictures I surely will.

  • Tiffany Hubbard

    To each their own. No offense but if you don't like it that's too bad. I'm pretty sure they don't care what you think. Everybody is instead of bashing them and talking shit just let them be. I'm pretty sure there are things you guys do that other people don't like. Pregnancy is beautiful and as a mother of five I think any pregnancy picture is lovely. I could care less what you guys think.

  • Kristi Jones

    Have you ever been pregnant? Just curious.

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Wholes session is just gorgeous HANNAH’S MATERNITY PHOTOS » Kelly Hicks

maternity love maternity photos they are always gorgeous