Father & son shaving moment. Love this father/son bonding moment.

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love this....reminds me of Zachary!

cute little boy picture

chalk king

If our next baby is a boy there will be so many pics like this I'm sure.

little boys

Photo ideas for boys. Love these!

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Lil' bubba!

Little boys♥ I remember this. The back of the seat is vinyl and hot and your skin sticks to it. DM

Love the fun of this action capture and such a true story told of so many kids. ~Photographer Cafe

Ten Practical Ways to stay Energized as a Mom

Baby boy


"Being the mom of 3 boy's, who are now in their 20's -this brings back such wonderful memories -enjoy every minute" another Pinner said this. I have two little boys as of right now and they cuddle like this in my bed in the morning. It is the most beautiful thing.

sibling love

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

too cute!