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More natural newborns - Ashley Skjaveland

Photograph by Ashley Skjaveland

babies : ♥ : good parenting : beautiful baby photography:

Many newborn photos are photoshopped, just like this one. Don't ever do something to put a baby in danger. Photoshop is much easier and safer. ;)

I will wait until the time is right, but I cannot wait to have a child. I'm going to be the mom that records every single thing that happens: first steps, first laugh, first word, first everything.

I usually try to avoid getting too caught up with baby photos in hopes to steer clear of baby fever...but I couldn't help it with this just makes smile so big on the inside and out!

Amazing how this photographer was able to get the face, hands, and feet all together in one small frame. Just beautiful composition on this one!

Now what mom wouldn't want these shots of herself and her baby?

Newborn Photography! Find a #cool #babyname for your new born baby!

To understand life and purpose. Beautiful angle and idea.

I've never wanted to shoot a newborn before. This image might just sway me.