filmstrip lampshade

Super cool DIY Slide Film Lamp Shade made from old slides - can even do the same with negatives. Great for the stock pile the parents have stored away in a closet!

Use photo negatives to make a memory-filled lamp shade | LifeHack - DIY Projects for Junk Around Your Home

DIY Photo Slides Curtain Tutorial (this is one of the coolest DIY's I have seen in a while!)

Lamp Shade Made from 35mm Negatives

Lampshade with film negatives

Best DIY site ever! Pin now, and read for a long, long time! Thousands of projects with instructions, photos, videos, etc. This site has a little bit of EVERYTHING!! Origami, photography, woodworking, crochet, hair styling, decorating, sewing, jewelry, pottery, home decorations, shoes, homemade beauty products, and on and on! So many things to pin...

DIY Photo Lampshade - Dorm Room Decorating Tips - Seventeen

a way to use your old negatives

ooh I want to make a lamp like this using the negatives from my film!

photo of bottle wall

DIY alert! Make a film candle votive that throws pictures made of light in just 3 easy steps! Click through for detailed instructions.

Turn Old Photo Negatives into an Amazing Lamp.... I still remember rolls of film #35mm

Hey, we just had a bright idea! Use your old architectural or design negatives to make these great lamps.

DIY Film Canister Christmas Lights

The coolest recycled glass art I've seen in...ever!

how to make make lampshade with photos to transfer paper wow, so easy to do


DIY fabric-covered vintage suitcases... for use or for decoration! I have the perfect suitcase for this!!!!

Film negative lamp shade

Even more Oscars decoration ideas.