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    "I encourage you, live in THEIR world for a moment. LOVE on them the way THEY receive love. SIT DOWN and check in for a moment." RobbiePage1and2 blog, "Toy Story and Blueberry Waffles." ONEAND2.COM

    Mother and child baby black and white standing in front if window little cap hat cable knit sweater

    gorgeous mama and baby pictures

    Best feeling in the world, when they're so tired they just fall asleep in your arms...

    Newborn with mom and sibling picture. For me I'd rather the siblings be a little bit farther apart in age, since I don't want two children in diapers. Still this is beautiful ♥

    I absolutely love this shot - a soft & peaceful moment, and beautiful way to capture breastfeeding for someone who wants that captured in a more private way. (photo credit: ?)

    The interaction between Mom, Dad, and Baby is terrific. And the light on baby's face? Delicious!

    momma + daughter • michael bernard Aww! I want to do this with each child. Don't know how I'll pick Vince up but I'll make it happen!