"She's obsessed!" Eli laughed as I tickled the baby. Dom giggled, reaching his chubby little hands towards me. I smiled down at him and Tobias walked to the other side of the crib. "You remind me so much of Tina." He whispered and I looked up at him. A single tear ran down his face. He sadly smiled at me and then looked down at his son. "He loves you like a mother."

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Mom and child photography


By andria lindquist

These are the moments I cherish with my little, when all is quiet and she can just be herself and discover. This pic reminds me of my baby girl.



Love. OMG you guys are kidding me with the baby stuff............ Can't wait but only when you are ready!! : )

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luminous lighting and sweet patty-cake

so sweet :-)


This would be so cute, if the portrait in the background was when it was Madeline's baby bump..and "one day" if pregnant again maddie touching her siblings Baby bump!

Simple, powerful black and white newborn photography inspiration

newborn and mama

Sweet baby

love this newborn photo

just stop this sweetness! ;)

Newborn session photo idea

Just sweet!