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"Bath Time". I absolutely love this photo with his tussled, soapy hair. Almost every kid at some point has sat in the bath with soapy hair, completely engrossed in imaginative water-play. To me, this photo captures the innocence of childhood. ~Skye

cutest baby portraits! Sort of photo-documentary, portrait-journalism style. love the simple, more natural setting that displays the subject.

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One of my FAVORITES. omg. such a great picture. like, i would be through the roof if i captured a moment/feel of innocence and preciousness such as this. wow.

it's not very safe how they just left their child sitting on a tall changing table wrapped in a towel... and parents of the year award goes to...

Miss being this happy about something like a watermelon! Who an I kidding I still put the orange peel in my mouth and smile.

Most hilarious one I've found! Making these as gifts!

I love shots of everyday household moments, especially from odd angles. One of the joys of learning how to use your own camera! #baby photo