spring baby photos

Birthday photo shoot.

I really love everything about this. With the soft hues of Glitterfarm crates, they would be perfect for any baby photo shoot, don't you think?

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I can totally see my honey and sweet girl in a picture like this.

This is an awesome post about understanding aperture in photography- how to get a blurry or clear background!!

great idea for baby photos

Easter Spring Baby Photos Batavia, IL | Peachy Life Photography

Omg!!! if/when we ever have another baby this is ADORABLE!!! Quite possibly the coolest new baby photo ever!

Beautiful baby photo ❤ this would be so cute if she was looking at the camera and holding or had the lights in her mouth

Baby photo idea

Not only is this super sweet, it reminds me of the babies I love and care for at work with congenital heart defects. Every single one of these kids and families inspire me daily!

super cute

I may need to buy scrabble just for the tiles for this........... :)

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These two look so peaceful. Photo by Wild Flowers Photography www.thebump.com

12 months of baby photo shoots- love the top left shot! Lovely angle.


Autumn baby

Christmas Baby Photo