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Stay Warm with a Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bottle from Gorgeously soft organic cotton, hand made hot water bottle cover to keep you extra warm in the cold winter months! Great gift for grown ups! Comes in multicoloured stripes or solid colours.

Hot water bottle cover - drawing your pattern

hot water bottle cover - could upcycle an old jumper

Pattern Herdy Hot Water Bottle Cover & Toy

Hot Water Bottle Covers - Free Knitting Pattern

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Platypus hot water bottle cover

knit cable hot water bottle cover -- I don't knit, but this is so cute; could make with an old sweater, or crochet.

OWL hot water bottle cover

Crochet PATTERN Whale Hot Water Bottle Cover di Millionbells

A cute but practical Hot water bottle cover, made from a thick vintage 100% New Zealand wool blanket The happy little whale hottie cover/ P.J

Organic Cotton Bear Hat

Organic Cotton Crocodile Wine Bottle Bag

Ravelry: Hot Water Bottle Cover Ladybug Ladybird Animal pattern by Millionbells