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it's a boy announcement! This made me laugh so hard. I should have done this.lmao

Pregnancy hack: Taking a nap on an inner tube... helps to stretch round ligaments as well as relax the back and shoulders. Another added benefit is that it helps with optimal fetal position.

Pregnancy Workout Plan: Butt & Thighs: 20 Reps Plie Squat, 20 reps Stationary Lunges x's 3. Shoulders & Arms: 20 Shoulder Presses, 20 DB Curls, 20 Dips x's 3. Back & Chest: 20 DB Rows, 20 Wall Pushups x's 3. Cardio: your favorite cardio machine or mild jog for 20 minutes. More detailed Pregnancy Workouts for every trimester here:

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20 Pregnancy Reveal Announcement Ideas

20 Pregnancy Reveal Announcement Ideas - SohoSonnet Creative Living