Help yourself: When caring for a newborn, moms rarely find time to think about their own needs. But self-care is crucial for surviving and thriving as a parent.

newborn pic

Tip for nursing - if your baby's hands are clenched tight they aren't done nursing yet! Also, best blog I think I've ever read on childbirth!

newborn baby and big brother picture - OMG how cute is this. Gonna do something like this with James when Devin is born :D

Baby, newborn fotografie

When you cause the pain of a mother who produces such a beautiful child, you are messing with Mother Nature - Babies-Innocence

Good Night Charly helps your baby sleep - #baby #cute #love #sleep

Tips for taking newborn pics at the hospital.

Freshly Picked Moccs

Newborn photo taken with the baby laying on the Oh, the Places You'll Go Dr. Suess book.

EVERY pregnant mom should save this! Timeline of a breastfed baby. Wish I had this my first time around

Newborn with mom

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Beautiful newborn shot. Love that it has a basic background and is all about the baby and not some cheesy little outfit. Gorgeous.

Baby and books - two of my favorite things. (Kelly Braman Photograpy)

Pregnancy exercises for beginners

Cute newborn shot with mom and dad!

big brother/ little brother