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  • Carly Clark

    Holding the Baby – Loving and tender activity for 0-4 month old babies

  • Olga Beauty

    Cuddle and touch are vitally important for babies. Perform Holding the Baby activity and say warm and gentle rhyme as often as possible. The activity also helps newborn babies get awareness of their body parts:

  • Hayley Carlin

    1. Social-Emotional Development. 2. ED2. The young infant develops a bond with both family and non-family members. This pin contains the importance of holding and bonding with infants. Also, this pin contains an adorable rhyme to say to the infant.

  • Kristyn Jewell

    Taking care of yourself after baby arrives.

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i like that it is off center so that if you wanted to add script you could

sweet newborn shot. great example of natural light, clean and simple setting, and a beautiful shot that this family will cherish!

infant photography. oh how i love babies. they are precious and beautiful. and life giving. and sweet to my soul!

cute family newborn pose.. kinda normal but I like the depth of field so the parents are a little out of focus!

go back and read: Great collection of tips to help babies sleep through the night ♥

newborns/mother-baby/NICU will occupy my whole life this semester and I'm so, so excited!

Seriously can't wait for moments like this. (I am fully aware that this child is on the potty) But the motherly love=Gonna be great.

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You don't see faces, but I love the feel to this. and love Black and white.

Mommy Self Care: The importance of taking care of yourself. How do you make sure your basic and emotional needs are met?

one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen :) At the point of caring, the child is introduced to the child. VCA relates to the child.