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  • Julie Gianferrara

    Boob! funny quote Invention of the word boob

  • Sarah Brink

    The origin of the word "boob".~ Funny stuff! :)

  • Elaine

    The invention of the word, boob --- I admit I have never thought of it this way before. Lol

  • Miya Gray

    How the word 'boob' was invented. - #funny, #lol, #fun, #humor, #comics, #meme, #gag, #box, #lolpics, #Funnypics, #GagsBox,

  • Stacey Dierks

    Boob. So funny... Giggling like a little girl :)

  • Sherilyn Bower

    The Invention of The Word Boob, SO FUNNY! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • refsbr

    The invention of the word Boob. haha... that is hilarious

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