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Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Blow Pop Martini Jelly Shot

Blow Pop Martini Jelly Shot 1/3 cup frozen lemonade concentrate (thawed and strained to remove solids) 2/3 cup water 2 1/2 envelopes Knox gelatin (if not using a mold, decrease to 2 envelopes!) 3/4 cup bubble flavor vodka 1 tbsp Watermelon Pucker liqueur 1 tbsp Sour Apple Pucker liqueur

Wine Fruit Snacks - Gummy Wine Hearts - Not For Kids - Great for Your Body! -

Wine Fruit Snacks -- Wine Gummy Hearts -- Not for kids! These are so awesome and just a few ingredients... wine, gelatin, stevia, maple syrup. Can't wait to make more :-) #healthysnack #lowsugar #fruitsnacks

Vodka Pink Lemonade Jello Shot

Mmmm... I can hardly wait to pop a dozen of these in my mouth.  DO NOT DO IT.   The method for making for the VPL Jello Shot is pretty much the same as making normal jello.   Here are the...

Skittle Cocktail

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