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  • Hannah Cryne

    clutter love

  • Hyperotretian

    Shack-Crazed Builder Constructs Fantastic Recycled Shelters: Ethan Hayes-Chute takes found objects and turns them into quaint huts and half-collapsed homes, over and over and over again. Some are wrapped around real living trees, while others are set inside museums, contrasting starkly with white walls all around.

  • Sarah

    The builder is an artist who has exhibited in museums

  • Rosario Frick

    a garden shed or a tree house? I like it

  • Brian Kroeker

    Cardboard House project resource

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Treehouse Spa, Bali, I would love the seating area down by the river. What a cozy place to take a nap or two.

Little hunting lodge converted to a Victorian style house. Please click on it to see all the gorgeous pictures on this page! What an amazing conversion!! Pictures via Trevor Tondro for the NY Times.

Tree House Studio Builds Hideaways, Studios & Retreats, ♥

Blue Forest is one such company, but far from the only one. Their specialty seems to lie somewhere between playful little fantasy structures and big educational spaces for children engaged in wildlife observation, forest ecology and related nature-oriented pursuits.

Judging from the size of my trees, this may need to be built for the birds. I think it's absolutely magical.

This home design takes that cool ‘tree-in-house’ concept and applies it with a series of creative twists, raised up high and visible from the distant downtown of LA.