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Ways to use your old ladders and windows to give your house that antique look!

Turning that old piece of junk in to a beautiful antique decoration. Do you have a old ladder laying around or replacing some old windows? My advice save them and use them for a craft project for the house. Old ladders and windows can make great antique decorations while giving you a fun project t...
  • Maria Ann

    Antique wooden ladder bookshelf! @Kaylin Sanchez please go to Grampa's house and get me one of his old ladders, -k- I really need this for my class room, and if he has a lot of old ladders I want one in every kids room, and my room :D

  • Joy Evans

    Old wooden ladder turned into book shelf. Pretty cool idea! And I got a really old ladder!!!! Yay!

  • Brittany Welch

    Really cool idea... old wooden ladder for book shelves

  • Abby Mazzei

    Wooden Ladder Book Shelf. I have an old ladder that was left with our house and I'm doing this with plants on the side of our garage.

  • Mattie Justine

    love this wooden ladder bookshelf because there will be many bookshelves in my house :D

  • Nova Wangili

    Wooden Ladder Shelving

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